Apollo: 50th Anniversary

July 2019

Apollo 50 Years

Created by NASA graphic artist Matthew Skeins, NASA's Apollo Program 50th-anniversary logo offers a nod to the past with elements borrowed from the original program emblem, and a glimpse into the future with a graphic depiction of NASA’s vision for the next half-century of deep space exploration. Image Credit: NASA

Created by NASA graphic artist Matthew Skeins, NASA’s Apollo Program 50th-anniversary logo contains elements of the original program emblem and offers a glimpse to NASA’s vision for the next 50-years of deep space exploration. Image Credit: NASA



To celebrate the 50th-anniversary of humankind’s greatest adventure, Faircount will be releasing a special, high-quality, commemorative publication titled Apollo 11: 50 Years. The publication will see extensive distribution to personnel within NASA headquarters and its facilities across the country, other federal agencies involved in aerospace research and development, executives in the aerospace industry, and universities, colleges, and not-for-profit institutes collaborating with NASA on research.


Faircount is no stranger to publishing about NASA, having worked under several NASA Space Act Agreements to publish NASA: 50 Years of Discovery in 2008, NACA/NASA: Celebrating a Century of Innovation, Exploration, and Discovery in Flight and Space in 2014, and most recently, in 2017, a special edition dedicated to Langley Research Center’s 100th anniversary. When Faircount works with federal agencies we sometimes publish under contract, other times independently. This 50th-anniversary edition is being published independently of NASA, but with its knowledge and awareness.






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